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WATCH “Bury Me“ - the first single/video from Mule Kick artist Geanies premiering in Maximum Volume Music 
“Geanies are an electrifying, alt-rock power trio fronted by lead guitarist, singer/composer Sean Michael Howe” WATCH NOW

Geanies’ founder Sean Michael Howe came up in a Venice, CA community of musicians that was a bloodline to his beginnings as a guitar player and artist. Check out this piece in the West Side Current that focuses on the bands in this tight knit community and how Geanies became a Mule Kick artist. READ NOW

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 8.37.19 PM.png

"Howe has the colossal sound and technical delivery of a player well beyond his years."

Here’s a chance to listen to Geanies front man Sean Michael Howe discuss the release of his debut record and his journey to a life in the music business. -- The 440 Guitar Podcast 

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